Whether you are looking to mount and anchor an industrial milling machine, create a vibration isolation foundation for a press, or simply repair cracks in a concrete foundation, J Supply Company offers the Unisorb products that you need for your specific application






Product Categories



Concrete Repair & Machine Grouting Both cementitious and epoxy grouting materials have been carefully developed to offer solutions for specific machinery needs, even in the toughest applications




Machine Mounting & Anchoring We offer a full line of machine leveling, alignment, and anchoring solutions.  Providing hundreds of mounting configurations for a broad spectrum of machinery from small chip mills, to larger press mounts and injection molds




Foundation Isolaton & Vibration Reduction Systems                                                                                                    We carry a complete line of anti-vibration machne mounts as well as vibration isolations pad material.  These products improve machine efficiency, provide a safer work environment, extend machine life, and prevent floor damage






Installation Solutions


     J Supply Company is proud to be a supplier of the full line of Unisorb products and solutions.  Unisorb is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality machinery installation systems for use in a broad range of applications. Our products have become the recognized standard by which others are compared. 


     Our machinery installation systems provide solutions for every installation and are the answer in solving alignment and vibration problems with existing machinery as well as in new installations. We have been recognized since 1935 as the specialist in engineering and manufacturing of products and systems that ensure the proper installation of machinery.


     As part of our on-going commitment to customer service, we have developed an internal Engineering Department with specialized skills in machinery alignment, shock and vibration control. We provide our customers with expert engineering design and systems selection in every machine installation.


     If you are experiencing shock and/or vibration problems which are affecting your quality control, contact us for a complete ambient vibration survey. Our experienced sales engineers will work with you on-site to determine exact conditions and will recommend solutions for complete shock and vibration control.



Why Machine Tools Need UNISORB Products


     The primary function of machine tools is to produce parts to specific tolerances. Modern machine tools have evolved in a relatively short time from manually operated single purpose machines to sophisticated high volume machining centers. Many of these machines are designed to take full advantage of the benefits now offered by advanced computer technology. Yet the installation techniques and equipment employed by most manufacturers have remained virtually unchanged since the early 1900's.


     To realize maximum utilization of today's machine tool technology it is necessary to use the most modern and most effective installation procedures. UNISORB® offers state of the art products and technology that allow you to satisfy the demand for closer tolerances, higher efficiencies and better overall utilization of machine tools.


     As the industry's most experienced manufacturer of machinery installation products, UNISORB® can provide the right materials for each specific application.


For more information or product specifications, or to inquire about engineering services available, call us at 1-800-283-3321